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Felicia Konrad voiceperformer singer/songwriter projectleader

23-25 januari, Attending Multispecies-Storytelling at Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö

28-30 januari
Voice and the Unknown - An International Vocal Performance Research Symposium
Inter Arts Center, Malmö/Lund University 
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Organisers: Elisabeth Belgrano, Felicia Konrad
ELISABETH L. BELGRANO, voice artist & PhD in Performance / Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research/president, National network for Artistic Research in Music / Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Lund University / Öckerö, Sweden.
FELICIA KONRAD, voice artist, Inter Arts Center, Malmö, Lund University / Sweden.
LISA NYBERG, visual artist, teacher & organizer, PhD in Practice candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria / Malmö, Sweden.
MISHA PENTON, voice artist, composer, director & PhD candidate in music, Bath Spa University, UK / Houston TX, USA.
JULIEANNA PRESTON, Professor of Spatial Practice at Toi Rauwharangi/ College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, Aotearoa/ New Zealand.
BJÖRN ROSS, visual artist, Nordic Network for Early Opera / Copenhagen, Denmark.
ELISABETH HOLMERTZ, singer, PhD candidate in Artistic Research, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway’.
Participants: Elisabeth Belgrano, Felicia Konrad, Lisa Nyberg, Björn Ross, Misha Penton, Helena 

Beginning of March 2019 
Water Dialogues (Konrad/Carlsson/Persson/Quartey)
a soundpiece created for the exhibtion Amniotic Fluid by I still live in water at Tomelilla Konsthall, 8/-9-4/11 2018
an intuitive art projcet with water and creating in creation and creating together with creation.

2019 spring Release of single and music video: EARTHLOVE.
In december 2018 we have started with completing our never published original song and also make a rexmix and a music video with the simple message; Love Earth=Earthlove. It is  an activistic initiative by Felicia Konrad and the artist Johan Haugen. 
Participating musicians Felicia Konrad vocal/lyrics, Johan Haugen didgeridoo, David Carlsson bass/recording/mix/master
Martin Fernandez Ekestig drums, Mats Persson electronica/sounddesign, Noak Haugen vocal. 

2018-2019 Voice Cloud
Workshop sessions exploring voice/sound walks/creating soundscapes
Inter Arts Center, Malmö-Sweden 2018-2019. 

2018 Nov-dec Participating in Course in Deep Listening/Pauline Oliveros, Copenhagen by the certified leader, composer Morten Svenstrup.

2017 Blue Sky Rain Falls/Trapets (artsound duo, ambient)
2015 Wonderful Surreal/Cosmic Wash Over (collective singer/songwriting)
2011 Cosmic Wash Over/Felicia Konrad (collective singer/songwriting)
2003 So drop it in/Konrad Band (alternative jazz)  
Voiceperformance, solo and in collaboration with other artists (art, poetry, music) since 1998.

Studies in method acting at Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, New York and London.
University studies in Litterature and Music, and Moma, 20 p Music and Management at Gothenburg College of Music/Gothenburg School of Economics and Commercial Law
Cultural Project Leader Kulturverkstan/Gothenburg

Grants from Swedish Art Council, Music: 2010, 2016.

Amongst many other things: Worked as an assiting dirctor to the famous swedish director Bo Widerberg 1991. 
One of the initiators to the Poetry Festival in Härnösand 1999, now called The Poetry festival of Västernorrland, Sweden. 
Worked as a cultural secretary for young people at Tjörn, 2002-2003. 
One of the three persons working with the pre-study of Musikcentrum Syd, 2011-2012. 

Theresa Bener, describing Felicia Konrad’s work with Voiceperformance (www.theresabener.se)
”When a human being is born, the first sound she hears is her own voice. Spontaneously, unpolished and untrained, the voice explodes out of the body. During her entire life she shall use this bodily sound, and modulate it, more or less refined,
in separate language systems. The very origin sound, or the tonic chord, will remain but not be encouraged in the deliberate path of the individual through social networks. When Felicia Konrad makes a voice performance, she is searching for that tonic cord that is embedded in the language and carries the sound of the voice. Interestingly as it is we humans exchange a tremendous amount of practical messages and information, which are so predictable that we only need to listen to the vocality and the contour of the voice to receive the message. Still, very few care to define what the voice is telling. Felicia Konrad works with words, language, song, speech and vocalizations, but always with an intention to listen closely to the expression of the voice. Her ways to explore the voice are physical, poetic and humorous at the same time. In a performance she intends to impersonate the way of the bodily sounds through a human, and the voices’ communication between different figures. In one short performance she can give shape to multiple characters at the same time, often with a close contact to the spectators, who in turn will start to experience.