After having seen a documentary about how our human skeletons have been affected and evolved from the time when we lived in the oceans, winking my hands up and down like fish fins. Still from short film Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen

Felicia Konrad f. 1964 

multidisciplinary artist
voice sound art performance music text
cultural project leader artivist/climate activist

I work solo, in collaborations, and also interactive/collective. 

My solo works are mostly minimalistic, playful, poetic, humorous small scale pieces.

The intuitive art project I Still Live in Water

Collaboration for making a sound piece;
Andas Vatten/Breating Water (Konrad/Carlsson/Persson/Quartey)

The Oracle recently started Voice/Sound/Performance work.  

With all the activity online during the time with the coronavirus, my network has expanded. I have participated in numerous webinars, work-shops, artistic festivals, performance online.
I am like endless artists and curators, in these worldwide networks in different art fields, working with the themes and explorations of the more-than-human world, making kin, becoming- with (Donna Haraway), multispecies, entanglement, interconnectedness, geo/eco poetry performance, deep listening, sensuous learning, co-existence in multiple ways. Due to the situation, I have started a local outdoor group here in Malmö/Sweden that hopefully can grow to a network working with the inspiration of these themes. And in a longer time perspective being able to connect and collaborate with other networks.    


As I am an activist I use

other pages I store posts, photos, etc.

and as an archive;