We have decided that our coming sound piece Breathing Water will be presented on its own webpage www.breathingwater.se, because we will publish the whole piece, by singles. The first single will be Ocean - Vibrating the connection

Andas Vatten/Breathing Water received project development support from Malmö Cultural Support. Working with the field recordings, over and under the surface, composing, and recording sessions in Gula Studion. We=Felicia KonradDavid CarlssonMats PerssonTina Quartey

12/10 Precious Balance Walk nominated to best Experimental at GLIFF Golden Lemur Film Festival @golden.lemur

Precious Balance Walk and the sound piece Water Dialogue is a part of Gibca extended,

Gothenburg International Biennal for Contemporary Art, at Tjörn Munciaplity 2/10-7/11. 



21/9 WOW! Precious Balance Walk was selected for Serbest International Film Festival!

12/9 Copenhagen here it comes, Live screening at November 21st or 28st! And Online. 

"Amazing news! Precious Balance Walk was just selected by Nature & Culture - Poetry Film Festival via FilmFreeway.com!"

6/9 Precious Balance Walk at Friis Frame, Panora, Malmö.

Here is also Facebook event 







  photo Ignacio Peréz Peréz

22/8 Live Performance with interactivity

The Throne - Our desire to own water/nature
The Hierarchy, the dominance. The climate changes.

A poetic reflecting and examining performance with interactivity by

Felicia Konrad, Johan Haugen, Erik Högström, Annou Nilsson, Lisa Nyberg

och Alicia DAilly.

Place: Ribersborgs beach, Between bridge 1 and 2. Time: 14-16.
The Throne is a free continuation of the performance 'Water is instinct', 2017. 

pictures of the performance   www.istillliveinwater.com/archive

photo Felicia Konrad


18/8 The first festival in East Europe! Precious Balance Walk!!!!

13/8 Our film Precious Balance Walk is an award winner (July 2021) and selected in Druk International Film Festival, in Buthan! #filmfreeway #drukfilm @drukfilm 

2-5/8  6 Waterdialogues installed at Ljudkullen, Malmö Sommarscen


Felicia KonradDavid Carlsson, Mats Persson, Tina QuarteyCaroline Leander, Robin Knutsson 
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#istillliveinwater #johanhaugen 

The pieces have been installed and exhibited before at;

Malmö Art Museum, Tomelilla Art Hall, Blå Ställets Art Hall, Water Works (global online exhibition),

Outdoor; Rya Skog, Hisingen/Gothenburg.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



  photo: Johan Haugen    

ARTHOUSE/EXPERIMENTAL FILMPrecious Balance Walk (13.24) 

6/7 Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental; European Short Film Festival, 'Showcasing the cutting edge of short filmmaking from around the world'. We jumped up from our chairs when we saw it!
here are all the winners

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1/7 Our film Precious Balance Walk won Best Experimental, ARRF Paris!

Crazy happy!
here are all the winners 

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#benjaminzadig #saschafulscher #jenifermalmqvist #davidglichsumasae

29/4 Examined by the Serbest Film Festival; 

"Dear director Felicia Konrad! We are pleased to inform you that we, as the organizers of the Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) examined your film «Precious Balance Walk» on the Filmfreeway platform and made the collective decision to inform you that we were pleasantly surprised by your film, so we made a collective decision to invite your film to consideration by our jury for participation." 


Proud to be mentioned in the artistic research analysis by the great Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir; 

Fleshy Listening and multi-entity performance


   "Greetings from Stockholm Independent Film Festival!

   Congratulations as your film Precious Balance Walk has been nominated for             Best Arthouse Film in Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2021!"

   ONLINE 17-24 JUNI


  29/1 Our film Precious Balance Walk was selected to Water Docs in Canada

BREATHING WATER - a sound piece

Jan-Nov  2021;

13/12 2020 Grateful!

I/We received yes on our application for our sound piece/installation 'Andas Vatten/Breathing Water', development project support by Malmö City Cultural Support. So we start in january 2021! We= Felicia Konrad, David Carlsson, Mats Persson and Tina Quartey, and Johan Haugen, artist/I Still live in Water.


28/11 2020 New group created; a start to build a local network in these times:
Malmö Outdoor Walks Performance Guided Meditations Deep Listening and more



Completed Sept 2020; The film PRECIOUS BALANCE WALK (13.24) by the intuitive art project I Still Live in Water (Felicia Konrad/Johan Haugen). www.istillliveinwater.com 

6 Nordic performance artists invited to perform in and with water:
Erik Högström (Swe) Lisa Nyberg (Swe) Meri Nikula (Fin) Elena Lundquist Ortiz (Dk) Joakim Stampe (Swe) Ignacio Pérez Pérez (Fin/Ven)

Stills from the film by cinematographer Benjamin Zadig.

I STILL LIVE IN WATER is since 2015 an ongoing intuitive art project by Felicia Konrad and Johan Haugen, Malmö/Sweden

 Interactivity and collaborations are a red thread. "We are all water in the same Ocean" Yoko Ono